The Eley Hawk Diary

The Eley Hawk diary is an institution in the shooting world published every year since 1905 it holds a deep affection amongst the shooting community in the UK and abroad.

With a significant number sold every year it holds all the information a shooter could need, from safety advice, product information, shot sizes, game seasons and a whole host of information that shooters find useful. It was the app before apps were invented with many young shooters cutting their teeth on one if they could prize them out of their father’s hands!

This year the shooters diary has been completely been redesigned with larger pages and more space to write in plus updated information. We hope you enjoy it – if you would like to buy one please do get in touch by phone or email on our contact us page and we will of course let you know how to get hold of one.


112th limited edition - 2017 Diary now available

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