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Eley Hawk bases its excellence on its in-house technological developments, the outcome of its continuous investment in research, development and Innovation and on its fully integrated production chain, which spans from the production and manufacture of all the cartridge components.

188 years of experience has enabled Eley Hawk to develop a wide range of products designed to meet the highest demands of Clay and Game shooters across the world, making it a benchmark for the evolution of the shotgun scartridge sector and an integral part of the fabric of shooting.

The process begins with the manufacture of components such as powder and primer's in Maxam´s factory in Vizcaya,Spain. The cartridge metalwork process is performed in Alava, Spain, and this process is followed by the extrusion of the tube and assembling of the cases. Lastly, the cartridge loading process is carried out in Birmingham, UK.

The inspections defined in the quality assurance plans are very extensive and span from dimensional and visual analyses to hardness inspections; metal oxidation, polyethylene fluidity and traction tests; primer sensitivity tests; shot and powder weight controls; and ballistic tests where the critical pressure and velocity parameters are checked.

As a result of these strict quality assurance inspections and the outcome of the technological process, Eley Hawk achieves the highest precision in the subsequent performance of the components of its cartridges.  

Eley Hawk is proud to hold the strictest quality and safety controls, ISO 9001-2015. In addition, we also have recently achieved IS0 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007  


Research and development is a key part of Eley Hawk's business success. Innovative new product lines have allowed us to consistently rank as one of the industry's world leaders.

There have been many ground-breaking developments in cartridge production at Eley Hawk. Our cartridges are continuously achieving a smoother performance, this is because of the expertise and science that lies behind our products. .

In 2002, Maxam, Europe's largest manufacturer of explosives and shotgun ammunition, bought Eley Hawk. The investment allowed us to move our production lines into state of the art facilities, which are now based in Minworth, Sutton Coldfield.

Our team of experts are continuously producing precision made cartridges. Each product requires a different performance, whether it be an improved muzzle velocity, a faster down-range velocity, or less recoil, each requirement determines a different formula of cartridge ingredients.


We pride ourselves in producing a range of exclusive powders combined with high-quality primers thus ensuring total quality control from the start of the cartridge making process right through to the finished product.

Eley Hawk's long history in cartridge manufacturing allows us the confidence to test new powder blends and hone each to a perfectly, ensuring high-velocity shots with low recoil. No other company has as much experience as us in this field.

Combine this expertise with total quality control over component parts, and you can see why Eley Hawk has been pioneering the way for cartridge manufacturing for almost two centuries.

Our two main watchwords are quality and consistency.


High technology loading equipment coupled with operators with extensive experience means that the highest quality finished product is always produced.

During the production process, cartridges are regularly removed from the line and tested in a proof barrel for pressure and velocity. In addition, further test-firing and pattern testing are carried out at an off-site proofing ground to ensure that all Eley Hawk shotgun ammunition is of the highest possible standard.

Stringent quality control checks are made regularly throughout the manufacturing process by highly skilled personnel to ensure batch after batch consistency.

Our operators have decades of combined experience in product assembly. Because we manufacture components in house, we have complete control over the quality of our products.

A cartridge consists of the following components: primer, case head, base wad, tube, powder, and shot. Each component part is vital to the performance of the finished cartridge.


In-house production of component parts and the expertise to fine-tune the combinations of these components allows Eley Hawk to create iconic cartridges.

Eley Hawk has always been at the forefront of cartridge development, from the recent Zenith 12 gauge and 20 gauge Copper Coated Shot Game cartridge, the Bismuth Evo III shot to the latest Trap .410 and new High Performance and High-velocity steel loads which take the performance of this cost-effective lead alternative to new levels.

Our other cartridges, such as the Grand Prix and the Impax, are products that have been associated with, and at the heart of Game shooting for generations.

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