Lord James Percy

Lord James Percy is considered to be one of the outstanding shots of his generation. His cartridge brand of choice is always Eley Hawk. He says,

"The VIP range is fast becoming the cartridge of choice for both game and clay shooters. The consistent patterning and fast smooth charge of the VIP delivers clean kills at impressive ranges without any bumpy recoil. Even after a day firing a lot of shells look down your barrels and you will find hardly any powder or residue - testament to the quality of the powder that burns progressively and completely, delivering the shot to where it needs to be every time. Well, nearly every time. The only way Eley Hawk could make a better shell than the VIP would be if it were heat seeking VIP range continues to deliver everything one could possibly want in a game cartridge - outstanding patterns, fast, hard hitting, low recoil consistent quality and excellent long range killing power we have used over 100,000 VIPs at Linhope in the past three years. Not one misfire. Impressive quality."

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