Major Wins

2016 has been a fantastic year for Eley Hawk sponsored shooter activity and wins.

Olympic Skeet

Amber Hill continued on from her successful 2015 with her gold medal win in Baku that set he on the road to Rio followed up by a win at the Qatar Open early in 2016, Amber then went on to the OlympicGames in Rio, making it to the final 6 shooting Olympic Skeet in August 2016.


Trap and Down the line

A huge swathe of trophies and wins were put in by the Eley team of shooters in DTL and other Trap disciplines following the successful launch of the DTL Gold cartridges in 2016. A full list is below but one of the most significant wins was Jim Doherty, defended the prized Dougal Memorial trophy, he has now won this 3 times in a row, and then went on to win the European Championship later in the year. The massively consistent performance of Phil Morgan who has shot in a significant number competitions and rounded off his stunning year with a World ABT Championship win. A special mention in the year is the meteoric rise of Lucy Hall, at only 12 years old she has stormed through the year and has earned a place on the GB shooting talent pathway.

English Sporting and FITASC

With the sign up of Nick Hendrick (British FITASC Grand Prix Champion) , and Adrian Parkin-Coates (English Open FITASC Champion) we have seen a great year in the English Sporting discipline. With new shooters doing sterling work right across the season, we have seen an increased presence in all the key English Sporting Competitions, Including Eley Hawk’s sponsorship of the English Sporting Open at the West Midlands Shooting Ground at Hodnet and the Clay Shooting Classic at Highlodge in Suffolk

Major Wins this year were also hammered home by John Bidwell proving he can still hold his own, he won the Super Veterans World FITASC title in Italy, proving that his 9 Major World titles and extensive experience can still outsmart many shooters. Also a massive thanks to John Bidwell’s excellent team at Highlodge for hosting such a great Clay Shooting Classic, which was sponsored by Eley Hawk in the summer.

English Skeet successes came in the form of Joy Hirons who defended her ladies title for the 4th year in a row. With promising new shooters like Lara Dale fighting hard right across the season.


Andy Parsons

2016 British Open Champion, 2016 England Shooting Team, 2016 International High Gun, 2016 England Senior Team High Gun, 2016 Yorkshire Champion, 2016 Northern Region Champion – shooting with Eley Superb

Lara Dale

Ladies High Gun – Home International English Skeet Juniors, Bronze medal ladies British Grand Prix


Joy Hirons

Ladies High gun at British Open Skeet Championship 2016 (4th time on the run), Welsh Open ladies title 2016 ,Scottish Open doubles title, Silver medal Scottish Open ladies, East Midlands ladies title.



John Bidwell

Super Veterans winner at the World FITASC Championships in Italy


Nick Hendrick

High gun British FITASC Grand Prix 


Adrian Parkin Coates

English Open FITASC  Champion




The following is the list of notable wins that team Eley posted throughout 2016, we are sure you will agree the achievements are many!

Lucy Hall

Dougall Colts Champion 2016

Lucy has won more colts titles at DTL, ABT and Olympic trap than anyone else this year. She is one of the youngest members of the GB talent pathway at only 12 years old,  Lucy has been shooting with Eley DTL Gold and a 24g Olympic Trap load custom made for her father Rob Hall.

Jim Doherty

Dougall Memorial Trophy - 3rd win in a row for the Dougall Memorial Trophy, one of the oldest clay shooting competitions. Winner of the European DTL Championships 2016 Esker, Ireland.

Nick Adams

Silver medallist at the European DTL Championships 2016.British Single Barrel Champion 2016, shooting with Eley VIP Federations


Owen Vining

European Junior Champion 2016, British ABT Junior Champion, Clay shooting DTL Classic Junior Champion 2016, English Open Junior Champion, shooting with Eley DTL Gold


Joe Booth

England Junior team captain, British Junior champion, World Junior team captain -shooting with DTL Gold


Phil Morgan

World ABT Champion 2016, Silver medal World DTL Championship 2016, The Bisley 200 Champion 2016, South Wales Champion 2016,  Welsh Champion 2016, Southern England Champion, 


Paul Hodges

English & British Single Barrel Veterans Champion 2016 – shooting with Eley DTL Gold

It was a 1st 2nd and 3rd for the veterans, with a clean sweep in the British Single Barrel. Paul Hodges MBE taking the Gold Medal, Maurice Beeden Silver Medal & John Hall taking the Bronze Medal. All shooting with Eley DTL Gold

Connor Harris

English & British Single Barrel Colts Champion, shooting with Eley DTL Gold



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