Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan has been shooting with Eley Cartridges for some considerable time. A top shot in several trap disciplines, Phil is now shooting with the new Eley DTL Golds, and in this season has posted some astonishing scores and several perfect 100/300 scores earning him some great championship victories including:

World ABT Champion 2016 , 2nd World DTL Championship 2016 ,The Bisley 200 Champion 2016, South Wales Champion 2016, Welsh Champion 2016

Southern England Champion,

An interview with Phil Morgan 

We saw you adopt the DTL Gold early in the season swapping for Eley Superb to DTL Gold, what prompted the switch in the product?
It was a new brand on the market and one of your shooters asked me if I wanted to try the Eley Gold as I hadn’t at that particular time so he gave me a box to try. I wasn’t very successful at first, the key was I kept lifting my head to see what they would break like when I should have just
knuckled down and shot them. Eley Hawks sent me 250 and on my first 100 bird competition I pulled 297 at Bradford…the kills were most impressive and the spectators behind had noticed a considerable change on what I had shot before.

Whilst shooting the DTL Golds in practise and in the competition what really struck you in the way they performed in your gun?
Recoil wise there is no recoil with them whatsoever and for the way the DT11 is balanced in itself and in the way the barrels are configured with the DTL, it reduces the recoil from the cartridge through the gun and once you come off shooting a 100 competition you are still fresh from shooting. So if you happen to get in a shoot off position your body hasn’t taken a pounding so you are still fresh going into the shoot off, which would help in an over 2-­3-­day competition like the World Championships or an event you participate in over 3 days.

Apart from recoil what impressed you with the product?
The actual kills, the pattern which is obviously improved around the clay and the impact, I suppose you can best describe it like a choo choo train really, as you go across the layout because they are absolutely turned inside out which I believe is due to the patterns of the DTL Gold. Between the
Eley Superb and the DTL Gold, I shoot shot size 7 and I think that the pattern out of that, configured with the gun is unique to be fair, it suits me and suits the gun. In regards to winningpodium finishes, whether it is finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd the two products together work ideal. I can’t say much more other than besides the recoil, obviously the pattern and the kills are  phenomenal.

We’ve seen your rankings massively improve in the top 20 this year, they’ve just been published, how much was that down to DTL Gold, was that a help? 

Yes, retrospectively, shooting Eley Superb for 10 years or more, I’ve always been knocking on the door with a top 5 or top finish in the England rankings but yes subsequently shooting with the Eley [DTL] Gold on the point that I started and coming through, I had a little inkling that I maybe thereabouts, that I would finish number 1 but yes, all those scores produced for that ranking would have been down to Eley [DTL] Gold.

Can you roughly remember how many 100, 300 scores you managed to achieve with the DTL Golds through the season?
I shot 200-­300 on the World Championships out in Esker, I shot 100-­300 on the first day of the World Championships, then a 99-­296 on the following day then followed that with a 100-­300 on the last day. Then I shot a back-­to-­back 100-­300 at Fauxdegla Grand Masters Shoot which was back in
September and then again, I shot a 100 straight at ABT which I had never achieved in my shooting career to win the World ABT Championships at Fauxdegla followed by, superseded a 98 shot date on the first day. I think I posted the first 100-­300 down at a shooting ground in Cornwall with the Eley Gold. I think that’s it for that season!

When you were shooting how did the other shooters react to the knowledge that you were shooting with DTL Gold?
A lot of people approached me and asked me what they were like but obviously you know, myself I personally give them a box of 25 or 50 to have a go with as shooters can’t really decide if the product is suiting them after 25, they need 50-­75 to get their teeth into and I think a lot of people
have turned that way and have been very impressed. It’s the same in any sport, if Phil Morgan is shooting Eley Gold, they want to shoot with Eley Gold.
If Phil Taylor is playing with a certain brand of dart they want to play with that to be like Phil Taylor. Obviously you know you have seen the sales of that particular product go up and it is down to the success of the shooters who are shooting with that product which can only escalate


Phil Morgan

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