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VIP Steel Pro Eco Wad 12G

The UK’s first environmentally friendly clay cartridge

Eley Hawk’s VIP Steel Pro Eco wad cartridges are the first of their kind loaded by a UK Manufacturer. For the first time, clay shooters can now shoot steel shot cartridges safely with a non-plastic wad that is harmless to the environment. The cartridge is heat-sealed on the crimp to prevent the ingress of moisture and has been rigorously tested for safety and ballistics.

Key in the testing and development phase was champion shot and Chief Instructor at Frobury Shooting Ground, Paul Oldring. “At Frobury the land we shoot over comprises mostly water meadows, meaning that we have been limited to a 28gram steel cartridge which has considerable recoil to a 15-17-year-old taking their first shots. The new VIP 24gram Pro Eco Steel load is noticeably lighter on the shoulder, handling like a 21gram Eley Select, yet still offers outstanding results even on our 125-ft high tower. I’ve been very impressed with their performance and would have no qualms using them for all my clay shooting – including competitions.”

A few key features of the VIP Steel Pro Eco Clay Load: high quality No. 7 steel shot which conforms to the restrictions allowing it to be shot through most standard guns without needing to bear the Fleur de Lys stamp; Pro Eco wad dissolves in water in 24 hours and is made only using organic materials; low recoil due to the PSB+3 powders; and is perfect for all clay shooting over water or on land which is a site of special interest.


Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
24 7 Pro Eco Wad 423 mps • 1312 fps 16mm 70 mm • 2 3/4 inches
28 7 Pro Eco Wad 423 mps • 1312 fps 16mm 70 mm • 2 3/4 inches

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