Export Information

It's Great to Work With Us Internationally

Eley hawk cartridges have a world wide reputation for excellence and we strive to ensure that all we produce for markets around the world are suitable for shot gun shooters everywhere. We carefully load cartridges to meet the most exacting standards ensuring that where ever an Eley Hawk Cartridge is shot it performs consistently in hot or cold climates, Humid or dry we can load cartridges that perform to exceed your expectations. 

Distribution Opportunities

Eley Hawk has been found on all the continents and we have active distributors all across the world. If you are an importer in a country where Eley Hawk is not present and you wish to explore opportunities on how you can distribute our range of shotgun cartridges please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Export colleagues write / fax or call the following Alternatively please meet us at the IWA Outdoors Show or the ShotShow in Las Vegas

Eley Hawk Export Department 

Avda. del Partenón, 16

28042 Madrid


Tel: +34 91 722 01 00

Fax: +34  91 722 01 01