Want to Start Shooting?



Knowing that the first step on any journey is usually the hardest, we have put together a short guide on how to get started in shooting.

Eley Hawk have had the privilege to be the first cartridge many people shoot and that is something we are proud of. Whether it’s providing Scouts their first experience of shooting or making sure the BASC coaching lines are well stocked with Eley cartridges

Shooting should not be a daunting experience, but one of adventure and safe exhilarating moments. Often many people’s first experience will be on a corporate day, a stag or hen do day or at a country fair on a BASC or a CPSA coaching line where clay shooting is offered and many try it as a spur of the moment thing and really enjoy it!

As a first step, we recommend you start with a qualified shooting instructor, who can teach you the basics and ensure you are taught the rules of safety

Download a BASC safety guide here or CPSA safety rules here 



If you haven’t had a go yet there are plenty of places to try it out go to one of the many Country Fairs across the country or the BASC team will be able to direct you to a shooting coach near you  

We also recommend that you take the BASC Safe Shot Course as this will help you with all aspects of gun safety in the field. BASC also have a wide range of events going on near you so it’s always worth checking out the BASC Events page


The CPSA have a short handy guide called Clay Target shooting - a sport for everyone, They have got a dedicated mini website called Give it a shot , which signposts all the accredited shooting grounds where you can get coaching from, or if you want to find a coach near you click here .

The CPSA have also produced a large guide on all things clay shooting called the Clay Target Shooters Handbook which you can download for free - See section one in the guide to read a more in depth guide on  how they recommend getting started.

So what next?

Go here on the CPSA website to find a Clay Shooting club or go here on the BASC website to find out what is going on in your area

A beginner’s journey into clay shooting – Right from the word ‘go’

“Clay shooting is a brilliant sport. It is in equal parts healthy, sociable, and rewarding. It gets people outside doing something active and provides the opportunity to chat with friendly people from all walks of life in the process. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, tall or short, male, female, young or old; anyone can go clay shooting.

I caught the clay shooting bug shortly after joining the Clay Shooter team. Having never so much as touched a gun before, it took just one compulsory have-a-go day to convince me of the sport’s merits; I was hooked from the moment my first clay shattered into tiny, dusty fragments.

The have-a-go day I attended was hosted at the Oxford Gun Company (OGC) and involved a guided romp around the OGC’s 50-bird Sporting course. Read More ......

Resources and Links

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