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Pro Eco Wad

The UK’s first and only dissolvable and biodegradable wad

Eley Hawk was the first UK manufacturer to launch a fully biodegradable and dissolvable wad for steel cartridges that will leave no trace in the environment. Since then, the brand has utilised this cutting-edge Pro Eco Wad technology into a family of cartridges that have become the perfect choice for sustainability-minded game shooters wanting top-level performance.

Pro Eco Wads contain only natural minerals which dissolve in water, feeding back into the earth and contributing to plant growth.


  • 100% water-soluble and compostable, perfect for shooting over water. The wad dissolves in just 24 hours submerged in water
  • Made only with all organic materials that are harmless to the environment. 
  • Will degrade in 30 days in normal climate and breakdown into the soil in three months, leaving no trace.
  • 100% plastic-free.

Pro Eco Wad Cartridges:

  • VIP Steel Pro Eco Wad 
  • Grand Prix Traditional Steel Pro Eco Wad
  • Zenith Pro Eco Wad
  • VIP Steel 20g Pro Eco Wad 

Certified to the highest industry standards and constantly investigating new ways to develop eco-components, Eley Hawk is enabling shooters to make their own informed, socially responsible choices.

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