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This classic load for the .410 in a 2 inch length

Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge. Ideal for vermin control and small game. 

This classic load for the .410 comes in a 2 inch length and is particularly well suited to the finely balanced 36 gauge.

“Inside barns and rearing sheds for nesting birds, rats are likely to be a problem. Here I’d suggest the ideal solution is the Eley Hawk two-inch .410, which delivers a 9gm payload of No. 6 shot.” ~ Shooting Times

Loaded with a very special SSB+ 150 powder the 2” cartridge is ideal for use on ground game and vermin.



Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
9 6 Fibre 367 mps • 1207 fps 8mm 50mm • 2 inches

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