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Zenith Fibre 20g

All premium benefits of the Zenith Fibre but in a smaller gauge

The 20 gauge Zenith game shooting cartridge by Eley Hawk features only the very best components available, including premium copper-coated lead shot to deliver superior patterning. This load will deliver the high point to anyone’s shooting day, whatever the quarry.

“Eley Zenith excelled on both the grouse and high pheasants. It was particularly obvious on the long range birds, which folded convincingly on impact. Carcass inspection has always revealed a clean, quality pattern and a bird fit for the table which is ultimately important. Zenith is real quality.” ~ Duncan Thomas, BASC.

Why the copper-coated lead shot delivers such stopping power at all ranges is due copper’s harder properties which reduces pellet deformation as the shot goes down the barrel and through the choke of the gun. This ensures it maintains a superior pattern during flight, resulting in more shot on target and a bigger impact on the quarry ensuring a clean kill.

As your ideal 20 gauge partner within the Zenith family, this load is available in 28 and 30 gram 5 and 6 shot to perfectly complement your game shooting. Adding to the premium feel, the cartridge cases are visually striking too in a quality translucent yellow.


Load (gram) Shot Size Wad Muzzle Velocity Brass Length Case Length
28 5, 6 Fibre 391 mps • 1282 fps 16mm 70 mm • 2 3/4 inches
30  5, 6 Fibre 391 mps • 1282 fps 16mm 70 mm • 2 3/4 inches

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