Eley Hawk launch the new Pigeon HV


Eley Hawk are proud to launch the new Pigeon High Velocity cartridge a 32 gram 6 shot in new 70 mm case for smooth functioning in semi autos. The fibre or plastic wad pigeon shell loaded with CSB2 powder that will give pigeon shooters the edge on far out pigeons when extended range is needed. 

70 mm case for smooth functioning in semi autos
32 gram 6 shot for a dense pattern for further out woodies 
Available in plastic and fibre wad 
CSB 2 powder for high velocity delivery 

The Geoff Garrod gave the product a thumbs up in the shooting show TV as well as fellow game keeper John Lee  who said " The Pigeon HV are another excellent cartridge! Extremely Hard hitting! 

An engaging consumer competition is running on the www.eleyhawkltd.com website for the month of April - where consumers can win a bucket full of Pigeon HV by guessing the number of cartridges in the bucket 

To download a hi res image of the new pack shot click below on the image or here 

The new Cartridge is retailing in the shops between £250 - £265 per thousand

The New Pigeon HV Ad 












Consumers can enter a competition at the eley hawk website 

Just guess the number of Pigeon HV in the Bucket! 


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