New Cartridges launched
Eley Hawk is pleased to announce the launch of Titanium Strike and Titanium. The new cartridges will be the flagship of the clay range. Engineered for the demanding clay shooter, these cartridges are the fastest and hardest hitting cartridges in the Eley Hawk range. Titanium Strike and Titanium will deliver a new era in dusting clays.

A new load on the 190th Anniversary of Eley Hawk
Speaking about the launch Eduardo Hernando, Managing Director of Eley Hawk said; "This year we celebrate our 190th Anniversary at Eley Hawk. Such an outstanding milestone has deeply inspired to engineer our latest innovation for the premium clay market. A combination of new components never used before in an Eley cartridge to carry on leading shooting performance and heralding the next 190 years of future proud manufacturing in the UK.

Titanium Strike
Launched as a high velocity and performance load it will be loaded in 28-gram and significantly in 24-gram versions in shot size 7.5 Ni (2.4mm). 

Nickel coated shot
This cartridge will have nickel coated lead shot and also features a high 25 mm nickel head brass for ease of ejection. The use of nickel coated shot has several benefits;

a) It creates a protective coating around the shot, so less deformed pellets occur at initial ignition, as well as, protecting the pellets as they travel down the barrel.
b) The shot flies down range towards the clay in a uniform pattern with fewer flyers (off-target pellets).
c) The shot is also hardened by the application of an innovative alloy coating. This increases the breaking power, especially the harder bio-degradable clays.

PSB +3 Powders
The PSB + powders used by Eley Hawk are progressive slow burn powders which burn evenly and reduce recoil. The powders are also graded to burn consistently shot to shot thereby providing an even performance throughout a round of clays. 

A  Type Wad
The "A type" wad provides excellent shot string distribution, improved recoil reduction and strong dense patterns at all ranges.

This will be launched as a high-velocity load in 28 gram shot size 7.5 (2.4 mm) and 8 shot (2.3mm) These continental shot sizes are slightly larger than the standard shot sizes and give the shooter extra breaking power.

16 mm Nickel Head
The 16mm Nickel head is engineered to provide a solid base for propelling the load and deliver a smooth cartridge ejection for the shooter.

PSB +3 powders
PSB +3 powder has been used which is engineered in-house for high velocity and ultra smooth recoil.

"A-Type" Plastic and Kleena fibre wads
The cartridges will be loaded with the “A-type” plastic wad system which delivers outstanding clay breaks with recoil and shot cushioning for superior patterns.
The long history of “Kleena” wads originally pioneered by Eley Hawk used within the fibre version are excellent at providing clean barrels and intense patterns.

Superior patterning
The meticulous balance between the wad, powder, shot and pressures generated in the chamber and resulting speeds have all be carefully balanced to ensure superior patterning at all ranges.

Positive reactions from trade and public alike
Initial reactions from clay shooters at the hugely successful Atkin Grant and Lang English Sporting open and the official launch at the Northern Shooting Show have been overwhelmingly positive with many commenting that they are looking forward to shooting them in competition.

Expected Retail prices
Titanium Strike prices will vary but are estimated to be between £310 and £330
The Titanium prices are expected to be between at £300 and £315. 

NOTE - all expected retail prices given are an estimation and are in no way intended to provide definitive pricing under UK and EU pricing and competition regulations - Retailers will charge their own pricing to consumers and for a tighter price point for publication we recommend the press contact a retailer for prices. 

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Titanium Strike

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