Eley Hawk release new Titanium Strike Videos

Eley Hawk is proud to release three new videos to promote the new Titanium Strike cartridges. Two of the films were filmed on location at Doveridge Clay Shooting Ground and South Down Gun Club.


The first film features Eley Hawk Sponsored Shooter - Steve Clark who put Titanium Strike to the test on long-range Targets - Speaking about the project
"I really wanted to show what I knew the product was capable of and benefits of being Nickel plated shot down range. I had already made Titanium Strike work on 90 yard teals but hadn’t tested further because of area/ conditions needed, but I knew they would be something special having shot 500 or so already”. “The day of the shoot we were really fortunate with excellent weather on the day, low wind, excellent visibility, and bright light made the job so much better”. Steve continued  “Southdown Gun Club worked really hard on setting up the targets all day for us and without them it would not have been possible. It takes significant skill and technical know-how by the team to get the traps to perform as they did, Range finding all distances correctly and tweaking traps as required with a slight wind, Those long-range clay targets have to be set just right to get them to fly consistently enough for filming and capturing them. The clay breaks we captured were perfect for the camera."  In the film, Steve Clark starts at 70 yards and works back to a massive 122 yards to push the cartridge and it’s Nickel shot to the limit.

The Second film features fantastic slow-motion photography filmed with high-speed cameras and the team worked tirelessly to capture the "dusting the clay" shots. Working in partnership with Eley Hawk Sponsored shooters Andy Parsons, Emma Parkinson, and Dave Toomer - it was their first time under the gaze of the camera spotlight and capturing the clays breaking in mid-flight at speeds of up to 50 Miles per Hour is no mean feat. There was only a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft box in which to capture the clay break in focus.

Emma Parkinson's reactions were faster than most and broke most of her clays ahead of the filming zone getting that fraction of a second delay in her shooting really helped deliver the shots. Emma said, " It was a fascinating process being part of the filming, I learned loads about how I shot, what my reaction times were like and visuals on my technique." It certainly gave me plenty to take back to my coach David Beardsmore to push me on to the next level!" 

The Slo motion footage we captured was excellent continued David Thompson Marketing Manager for Eley Hawk - "It affirmed a lot of what we had seen in other tests on speed and 2 dimensional pattern plates - the shot string captured in 3d was a real bonus as it certainly demonstrated how the Nickle plated lead shot worked to produce tight patterns ( it reduces the number of non spherical pellets as they are fired from the gun). What amazed me more was that the hi-speed cameras could capture with such clarity the pellets running at 1425 fps second" The wad nickel shot and the powder combination worked well and the shot string in the air was just how we had envisaged it. 


The third video was built using a talented graphic artist who faithfully created the product in 3d render to help explain the features and benefits of the product and how all the components worked together. 

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