Eley Hawk turns plastic free wad options into reality

Following the British Shooting Show in February and the success of having won the “Great British Shooting Award for Innovative Product” with our VIP STEEL PRO ECO 32g loads, Eley Hawk has continued to innovate so as to deliver on our commitment of providing plastic free cartridge options for game shooters.


Our initial focus has been to extend the range of PRO ECO WAD loads to cater for a wider range of guns. We are committed to offering a greater variety of environmentally sensitive cartridges which remove the need for plastic wads without compromising on performance. As such, we are excited and delighted to present the extended PRO ECO FAMILY for the 2020-2021 Game season.

Additionally to support our commitment to reduce and remove plastic from the field, our Pigeon loads will be fibre wad only.



PRO ECO 20 gauge







The absolute best seller for Steel loads. The Water Soluble PRO ECO Wad ensures that NO PLASTIC is left in the environment. The perfect combination between performance and sustainability, available in 32g 3 & 5 shot .


The unique alternative for 20 gauge in Steel. 24 grams 4 shot to ensure a perfect combination of power and outstanding patterning.



The Grand Prix Traditional Steel has been developed blending tradition with state of the art technology.

The first true 2½ inch steel cartridge designed specifically for traditional guns. Available as a 30g 4 shot load.


The ultimate high bird cartridge with 36g of copper coated lead shot and our unique PRO ECO wad combining to provide outstanding patterns and devastating kills at range. Available as a 36g 4 shot load.


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