Geoff Garrod shoots Eley Pro Eco wad for the first time

Geoff Garrod Eley Hawk Brand Ambassador gets to shoot Pigeons with the New Pro Eco wad Steel Shot for the very first time 

In the latest episode on Shooting Show TV Geoff Garrod gets into crop protection with the New Eley Hawk Pro Eco Wad VIP Steel cartridges and is pleasantly surprised as to their effectiveness. Its the first time he shot with Steel on Pigeons and was very impressed with the results. 

Geoff Garrod gets down to business straight away by starting his own little science experiment extracting two wads from cartridges he pops them a little sealed in a tub, covers them in water and leaves them in the field in the sun to start to breakdown. 

Immediately he builds his hide, lays out his pattern and gets to work on the pigeons. As the numbers in the bag build the shots he is prepared to take get further and further out. With some phenomenal shots with one shot taking 2 pigeons, he gets more confident. In the end, he reverts back to his normal shooting style and shoots at the distances he normally associates with lead. The Pro Eco Wad which is a fully cupped wad does a magnificent job of providing a dense pattern out at range. 

After he has finished he inspects the wads which have all but broken down in just 5 hours. He retrieves the shot wads to inspect them and is genuinely impressed by the wad integrity after being fired proving that the wads are protecting his barrel firing well and building a large bag of pigeons to boot.


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