Stock up for the return to clay grounds with Eley Hawk

Considering the needs of clay shooters after national Lockdown 3.0, we at Eley have nominated a tetrad of cartridges ready for the return to clay shooting.

Our Managing Director, Rodrigo Crespo, commented: “We know that once we are able to return to shooting there is going to be a surge in the number of people attending clay shoots, and that will likely mean a couple of things. One, a possible shortage of your favourite load; and two, a chance of not being able to visit your preferred discipline due to high bookings and having to shoot a variety of stands. Therefore, we have come up with our most versatile clay loads with which to tackle any discipline with confidence.”

Our all-round clay loads:


• Titanium

Our premier clay cartridge that is devastatingly effective at all ranges. With ultra-hard, premium lead magnum shot and an exclusive A-Type plastic wad or Kleena fibre wad, the Titanium and Titanium Strike have unrivalled pattern density and consistency ensuring the most powerful clay breaks. Available in shot size 7.5 or 8 (Titanium) 7.5 (Titanium Strike) for serious competition shooting.


• VIP Range

The VIP range has become the benchmark for quality cartridges, created with only the finest components. They include a signature primer and a blend of powder that ensures smooth acceleration, high speeds and outstanding ballistics. Whatever the discipline, there is a suitable VIP cartridge.


• The Superb

This is unquestionably our most diverse mid to top-level cartridge option and lives up to its name in every sense of the word. The recoil is smooth, with powerful clay breaks in all disciplines. Shells are colour coded for those who like to recognise the shot size and switch loads for different targets or use in the top or bottom barrel. Available in plastic and fibre.


• Olympic Blues

A competition cartridge that combines outstanding performance with an affordable price tag. Low recoil, crisp firing and reliably consistent, this is the cartridge of choice for those transitioning into competitive shooting. With an extensive range of loads available and wadded in plastic and fibre, this cartridge can cover all disciplines exceptionally well.

All of the above are available now in Eley stockists and from online cartridge retailers and vary in price.

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