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  • Shooting Show TV goes behind the scenes to review 190 Years of shooting history at Eley Hawk

    Peter Carr visits Eley Hawk in Sutton Coldfield to review 190 years of Cartridge making history and gets his own glimpse on the day they are loading the 190th Year Anniversary Limited Edition Collectors Cartridge. 

  • Eley Hawk Titanium Strike

    Steve Clarks shoots long range targets with Eley Titanium Strike 

  • Eley Hawk Titanium - A New Era in Dusting Clays

    Eley Hawk Sponsored shooters Andy Parsons, Emma Parkinson, and Dave Toomer gets to shoot the New Titanium Strike cartridges for the first time. Includes spectacular Slo motion footage of the clays breaking For more information on this cartridge CLICK HERE 

  • Titanium Strike Animation

    Eley Hawk's New Titanium Strike Animation  

  • Zenith 12 Gauge Pheasant Partridge and Grouse

  • Pigeon HV

    Pigeon HV gets to work in a field in Essex - Geoff Garrod shows yet again why he is the Guru of pigeon shooting with #pigeonhv stretched to the limit on testing woodies

  • Zenith

    Zenith – the best in our range Zenith 20 bore goes to work on the grouse the king of game birds on the Yorkshire Moors and delivers some of the best shooting we have seen

  • Pigeon Select

    Pigeon select was conceived in in partnership with one of the UK’s best pigeon shooters Geoff Garrod the Vice Chairman of the National Game Keepers Organisation watch this video to see how it all came together

  • VIP 12 gauge

    VIP game shooting ptarmigan– a left and a right off the side of a mountain – spectacular shooting in the Highlands of Scotland

  • Lightning Steel

    One of the most watched videos on shooting show tv Lightning steel on woodcock where fast reactions and a fast kill is needed you can depend on Lightning Steel

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