Pigeon Shooting

  • Geoff Garrod shoots a double century with Eley Hawk Pigeon Cartridges

    Eley Hawk brand ambassador, gamekeeper and pigeon shooter extraordinaire bags a double century using Eley Hawk Pigeon Select and Pigeon HV. A real red letter day! Video Credit Shooting Show TV

  • Pigeon High Velocity

    Pigeon HV gets to work in a field in Essex - Geoff Garrod shows yet again why he is the Guru of pigeon shooting with #pigeonhv stretched to the limit on testing woodies

  • Pigeon High Velocity goes to work

    Geoff Garrod gives a master class in pigeon shooting with Pigeon HV  with a harvested rape field going to seed and a cherry orchard coming into fruit the pigeons have infested the area.

  • Pigeon Select a new load is born

    Geoff Garrod gave us all hints and tips we needed to build a pigeon busting load this is how we did it.

  • A winner goes shooting with Geoff

    Following a hard fought competition Waseem Khan won on the draw and got the opportunity to shoot with Geoff Garrod you can see how they got on

  • A special day for Geoffs Biggest fan

    Pigeon Select goes out shooting with Geoff and Sid a heart warming tale of Geoff’s biggest fan on the pigeons

  • Rape stubble and pigeon select

    Geoff gets out there shooting on pigeons with pigeon select over rape stubble

  • Prize winning bag of Pigeons using the Eley Grand Prix

    An amazing selection of shots with Geoff using Grand Prix to great effect

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