Wild fowling “dirty” secrets

Eley Hawk cartridges excel in the field of wildfowling and we sponsored a series of videos on this fascinating sport – focusing on all the secrets you need to know when wildfowling teaming up with Fieldsports TV the next series of videos give you a valuable insight into the world of the “dirty” secrets of wildfowling after all it’s a muddy business foreshore wildfowling.

  • South coast duck shooting

    In this episode Nick Horton and Matt Kirk of MPK custom calls show how to get started and stay safe on the marshlands make the right moves in the mudflats and get set up right.

  • Keeping upright on the mud

    One of the best bits of kit you can invest in is a strong and sturdy stick. In this episode Nick Horton shows how to best mark it up to keep you dry and safe and keep you upright in the mud don’t forget your water proof tape all will be explained.

  • Running over the mud

    Wildfowlers are often seen skipping over the mudflats –how do they do it? well Nick Horton and Matt kirk race across the estuary to show how mud patterns really make the difference.

  • Decoys laying and retrieving

    Once out on the mudflats the key to success is often a well laid decoy pattern but unless you can get them back again safely it can cost you a lot more than a few pounds – Nick Horton shows how to lay and retrieve them safely

  • Navigation and loading

    In this episode Nick Horton shows how to find the Pole star and safely navigate on the marshes in the dark and also have you ever wondered how to handle and safely load a semi automatic shotgun find out more

  • Dogs and training

    In this episode Matt and Nick work through the basics on how to get a dog working right for your wildfowling needs with a bit of controversy thrown in chocolate lab owners beware!

  • Boats and all things afloat

    Once in a while you will need to go on a boat to reach the best areas for wildfowling Matt kirk will walk you through the best hints and tips to keep you safe while afloat. Don’t forget your buoyancy aids!

  • Lightning steel – Geese

    Now you have learned lots here’s how the best of the best use lightning steel to bring it all together this clip shows the best in goose shooting

  • Lightning steel – Ducks

    Also handy on the smaller ducks the lightning steel in 5 shot is perfect for it.

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