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Hush Power

With more clay grounds seeking to reduce their noise footprint the use of the Eley Hawk clay Hush Power Subsonic cartridges are great for use where noise considerations are a factor. Fast burning powder, a subsonic delivery ensures there is a significant drop in the sound generated

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This load is the best solution there is when a lower noise product is required - engineered to meet the requirements of noise sensitive areas and to ensure that many shooting grounds can be as quiet as possible

12 Bore 20 Bore
“While a helpful volunteer prepared to shoot some samples of this cartridge, I retreated to what I considered a suitable distance to listen to some muffled reports. Not very scientific I grant you, but, yes, at about 250 yards they were quieter, I also shot some Hush Power myself and they broke targets convincingly at some considerable distance.”

Vic Harker - Sporting Shooter Magazine

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