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Olympic Blues

The Olympic Blues are a stalwart of the range with a following of club shooters and instructors who will shoot nothing else. The range is wide, it ensures you cover all disciplines and, with plastic and fibre variants ensures a “medal winning performance”.

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2 generations of shooters have used this product with considerable success and the next generation of shooters are now cutting their teeth on this product with Olympic discipline shooters like Lara Dale and Victoria Humphries using it to great effect to get medal winning performances. They are available in Fibre and plastic wad in all the shot sizes and load weights this product is one of our best

Olympic Blues
“A favourite of top British Olympic Trap shooters in the 1970s, but they have more than nostalgia to offer. Delivering a muzzle velocity of 1375 fps with a 2¾” case and plastic wad provides performance that will constantly break targets at long ranges and put a smile on the clubman’s face”

Vic Harker - Sporting Shooter Magazine

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