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The Superb lives up to its name in every sense of the word. The recoil is smooth, and powerful clay breaks for all disciplines ensure this is the best all round cartridge we produce. The shells are colour coded for those who like to recognise the shot size in the cartridge pouch and the clay-busting magnum shot will ensure you break clays whatever your discipline. Upgraded to a silver cartridge finish and a full range of shot sizes, and now released in a fibre version for fibre only shooting grounds, this cartridge has a following all of its own in the clay shooting world

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The unique blend of powders and slow burning primers allow the barrel time to be regulated so it achieves smooth, yet powerful performance. Loaded with high antimony Magnum shot, this cartridge performs. Colour coded for different shot sizes so that for those shooting varied disciplines can use the shot sizes interchangeably to adjust for different types of target or use in different first and second barrel combinations.

“A value for money cartridge that until now has somehow got under my radar, so when Eley sent me some to try, it was a nice surprise. I used them while shooting the new Boxall & Edmiston over-and-under, a superb new English gun, and this complemented it brilliantly.

That day I shot out of my skin; the gun helped a lot but it’s cartridges that break clays. It has low recoil but is highly effective at long ranges, and when I had finished shooting I retreated to the pattern plate. The reason for my unusually good form was at least in part due to the well distributed patterns these cartridges provided. Superb indeed, and especially so in terms of pricing”

Vic Harker - Sporting Shooter Magazine

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