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Trap .410 2 1/2

Consistently looking for ways in which to bolster the disciplines in shooting, Trap .410 was introduced and pronounced the Best Clay Cartridge in the shooting industry awards. Top marks given for breaking clays at distance, the .410 discipline has been given a real boost with this cartridge.

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More About Trap .410 2 1/2 Cartridges

When this was launched it won the coveted Shooting Industry awards for best new clay cartridge. Well received the specialist powder, the magnum shot has really given the market choice in .410 clay competitions

Trap .410
“Packing a genuinely outstanding punch, this .410 load performed beyond expectations, the quality of kills in excess of thirty yards the equal of any high-performance competition load on both going away targets and general sporting birds. And whilst these diminutive loads hit as hard as any cartridge you’ll encounter, recoil is more or less non – existent.

The new Eley Trap 410 is such a genuinely outstanding load, it could well become solely responsible for whole new levels of appreciation of this oft maligned and overlooked bore, to an extent I for one have seriously had to re-evaluate my attitude towards .410 shotguns.”

Gunmart Magazine

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