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VIP Sporting

Eley VIP has become the benchmark for quality cartridges – the finest components and powders blended with the Unique Eley Hawk Kleena Evo 5 fibre wads for performance and patterns that are as good as plastic wad. This is all achieved using a slow signature primer and a blend of powder formulated to ensure smooth acceleration and higher speeds. Equally at home on FITASC and sporting layouts these cartridges are the best in class for the varied targets on sporting.

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When You need a product that breaks well this is the one to choose. With extra fast speeds and shot sizes for Fitasc as well as standard Sporting.  This product has got high brass, top of the Range PSB+ powders and smooth acceleration. Lead quality with higher antimony content for perfect clay smashes, it has a loyal following who will use nothing else.

VIP Sporting
“I used VIP sporting cartridges with a long barrelled HPX Perazzi Sporter. My reasoning was to stretch the ammunition’s performance to its maximum by using a gun that’s designed for long-range shooting. This Eley VIP sporting 28g load broke targets as far out as I could hit them. I then employed a ‘Stig’ who can hit targets further out than I can, and even he gave up before the cartridges did.”

Vic Harker - Sporting Shooter Magazine

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