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.410 Extra Long

The ultimate .410 load for the 3 inch chamber. This cartridge is also available in a Hush Power subsonic variant ideal for vermin control and to give a quiet performance in areas where noise considerations are a factor, such as near livestock or farm buildings. The additional power has made this a natural choice for those who shoot .410 Partridge days as part of their game season. Well suited to game shooting – with its fibre only wad – no other manufacturer produces an all fibre wadded .410 gauge

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The largest .410 ten load this is exactly formulated to deliver brilliant results in the field. A firm favorite with the .410 enthusiast the 3 inch product in and 18 gram load is more than enough to work well on .410 partridge days.

Extra Long
“Eley who are the only manufacturer that produce fibre loads in .410 format. So well done to them!”

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