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Alphamax Magnum

Alphamax Magnum is a classic heavy game cartridge, traditionally used for fox control where rifles are not easy to use and close-up driven fox control is required.

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Available in 36gr in a 3 and BB shot. As probably the most famous 36gr load on the market, the Alphamax+ has earned worldwide reputation and respect as a hard-hitting, heavy game cartridge with a reputation for speed and performance. Needless to say, the best propellant blends and components are used on this exciting range of cartridges. With its pedigree, quality components and Eley Hawk manufacturing superiority, the Alphamax+ range easily out performs the competition. Available in plastic wad with 2 3/4" and 3" cases and a wide range of shot sizes. This range complies with the stringent CIP standards and specifications.

Alphamax loads will definitely do the business when you have a fox out at 35 and 40 yards and you know they do the job for you – does “charlie” get away? No.  I am really pleased with Alphamax they really did the trick!

Paul Childerly – Childerly Sporting

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