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Hush Power

Nicely rounding off the vermin control range is the Hush Power 12 gauge range Eley Hush Power cartridges, either with or without a moderated gun, these provide a reduced sound impact, but still maintain a strong velocity ideal for use in noise sensitive areas around livestock or farm buildings.

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Eley Hushpower loads are tightly balanced to ensure the pressures are maintained. The speeds are reduced to below supersonic so that the shot raport is reduced and the CSB6 powder used are ideal for reducing the noise on this load.  If partnered with a hush power gun – the noise emissions can be reduced between a third and a half of a usual 12 gauge.

Hush Power
“If noise is an issue when you’re involved in pest control then have a look at subsonic loads.In 12-bore, the only one is Eley Hushpower in a 32gm fibre 5 shot this is subsonic remember, so not only is there less noise but the added benefit of less recoil too. Muzzle velocity in all is approx 1050 fps, just below the 1084fps speed of sound at sea level.”

Shooting Times May 2016

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