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VIP Lightning

The ultimate in steel shot game cartridges, the Lighting Steel, has a powerful blend of powder to achieve incredible performance statistics but is manufactured to conform with CIP regulations. This means you can shoot further and the shot has far reaching knockdown power on larger waterfowl

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The unique SSB+ 150 powder excels even in humid conditions and is manufactured to ensure excellent ballistics on steel loads and designed to work in semi autos. This load is the ideal ultra-high performance steel load.

*Only to be used in steel proofed guns. Always check instructions provided with your gun and always read the instructions provided on the cartridge box. a perfect match for all large 3 " chambered semi-automatics

Lightning Steel
““Eley Lightning Steel. 36 gram, no 3 shot, 76mm case – a good duck or goose load, the Lightning Steel certainly hit hard. At 30 yards with the ¾ choke, I had 132 pellets hit the pattern board”

Bruce Potts GunMart.net

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