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Zenith Copper Game Shot is the ultimate cartridge that Eley Hawk produce. With the best components and superior patterning, this will deliver the high point to anyone’s shooting day.

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Zenith is the latest in game shooting excellence. Zenith has copper plated shot to deliver outstanding performance. Copper is electroplated to the lead to reduce pellet deformation as the shot goes down the barrel and through the choke of the gun. This ensures it maintains a superior pattern during flight, with more shot on target. Copper plated shot increases the impact power of the shot on the quarry.

Built for the discerning game shooter in 12 gauge, 70 mm case length and in true English shot sizes of 4 ,5 and 6. The variety of 30,32 and 36 gram fibre wad loads will deliver the high point to your perfect day.

12 Gauge Zenith 20 Gauge Zenith PRO ECO

Zenith excelled on the Grouse and High Pheasants,It’s particularly obvious on the long range targets which folded with a very high level of completely clean kills. We have folded Grouse and Pheasants “dead in the air” and on a day, on form, there has always been the risk of “getting carried away”, something likely to have an effect on “being invited back!!!” carcass inspection has always revealed a clean, quality pattern and a bird fit for the table I’ve passed a few boxes of Zenith around on Game shoots and let fellow guests try them, the feedback has always been very positive  - On every occasion Guns have asked for more, Zenith is real quality.

Duncan Thomas - BASC

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